>>>>  All About Me <<<<

Hello, I'm Simon and I am an artist and illustrator living and working here in Bristol, UK.

My style has been referred to as 'naive' by some, and 'like a child who has discovered their first crayon and is happily scribbling on the kitchen wall prior to eating said crayon' by others. It's all a matter of perception.

All my work starts as a doodle on a scrap of paper, which can play havoc with the household utility bills. I find most of my characters and subjects in that first doodle.

I'm a big fan of using found objects as my 'canvasses', things that have been discarded by others, and giving them a second life. Old wood, metal, furniture, that sort of thing. I also use various objects for my work: roads, walls, boxes, lockups, even the odd scrap car!

I enjoy using ink, sticks, brushes and spray paint. I'm also quite partial to an electric jigsaw.

I am a member of the Inky Goodness collective, and Polite Graffito.

I like films by the Cohen Brothers, the odd book, my family, drawing stuff, skateboarding and more drawing.

Some Exhibitions I've shown In